The Physical Education Curriculum at St Joseph School aims to provide a comprehensive program for development as an individual through physical activities by emphasizing the relationship between the physical, intellectual and emotional well-being of students. It involves cardiovascular endurance training, fitness exercises, and instruction at the fundamental and advanced levels of up to 8 different sports, including how to perform and participate to fullest extent, as well as providing students with an understanding of the rules and strategies of each.

  • The objective is to provide students with the opportunity to explore their abilities as the program needs different levels of dexterity. Cardio vascular benefits are at the center of our program as we have the unique locational advantage of being at 7000 Ft above sea level.
  • St Joseph School offers both team and individual sports. There is something for everyone here as we are an educational institution that promotes learning through an inter-disciplined approach.
  • In the PHE(Physical and Health Education) program we teach our students volleyball, basketball, football, hockey, tennis, squash, badminton, fitness, track and field, softball and racket sports.
  • St Joseph School participates in a number of inter school competitions like basketball, football and track and field. We travel to many different cities for the inter school tournaments. During such travel, we generally assign one chaperone for every 6 students and all school rules apply while the teams are away on sports trips too.
  • Coaching is offered on a seasonal basis, we offer coaching for football, basketball, track and field, and tennis as an after school activity. Children who want to train all year round are also given the facility for training.

Recreation and sporting needs are currently met on the academic campuses by:

  • 2 covered courts for basketball, indoor football, volleyball and badminton
  • 3 playing fields for football, cricket, baseball and field hockey
  • 2 outdoor basketball courts
  • 1 racquetball court
  • 1 squash court
  • 3 tennis courts
  • 2 children’s playgrounds
  • 3 lane 200m track with all jumps and throws facility included.
  • Fitness center with cardio equipments and strength training facility.