Pedagogical plan was devised considering: (1) the culture of the people around, (2) the new initiatives of CBSE. The two aspects are well co-related to design the pedagogical plan of the school.


Aim of the Pedagogical Plan :

  • To create joyful learning outcomes among the students individually and collectively.
  • To assess the implemented pedagogy to be properly evaluated both by the
    school and the parents.
  • To motivate the students, the necessity of experiential learning.
  • To inspire the students that they be free of tension at assessment methods.
  • To update the need based instructional strategies.

Objectives of the pedagogical plan :

  • To create joyful learning.
  • To create willpower among the students.
  • To motivate the students to spare considerable time for studies at home.
  • To make sure that the content of the text books properly assimilated.
  • To motivate the students to help the other in studies.
  • To invoke the student to student learning capabilities.
  • To apply group dynamism and individual dynamism.
  • To make sure that all the students equally benefited from the pedagogy.
  • To have a positive psychological approach to the lessons taught.
  • To be properly assessed by both parents and teachers at all work-sheets.
  • To improve better handwriting,
  • To improve body language of the students.
  • To eliminate the stage-fear of the students.
  • To improve the vocal rhythm of students.
  • To strengthen the inter and intra house competitiveness among
  • To make them feel the school a home away from their home.

Methods :

      Methods include:

  •   Lesson-wise Work Sheets
  •   Lesson-wise Choral Reading
  •   Lesson-wise Choral Recitation (important points)
  •   Lesson-wise Oral  Performance (in simplified forms) etc.
  •   Lesson-wise art related works
  •   Lesson-wise career guidance
  •   Lesson-wise life skills
  •   Lesson-wise enactments
  •   Smart room teaching
  •   Mirror room formation
  •   Teaching through projectors
  •   Special grammar tutoring
  •   Phonics etc.

Incorporation of CBSE Pedagogical Initiatives in Curriculum :

Time to time CBSE introduces noble methods for enhancing joyful learning outcomes among the students. Recent developments include:

  • Experiential LearningArt Integration
  • Joyful Learning
  • Career Guidance
  • Life Skill Methods
  •  Artificial Intelligence etc.

These methods also are, at their best, integrated into curriculum.