Health & Physical Education to be part of CBSE Curriculum

Glad about this wonderful initiative!!! However, we have been doing this as part of the school Curriculum as PE and SEWA from Grade 1. The same curriculum has now been taken into CBSE .

Physical, Social and Mental developments aid academics and our kids have been religiously engaging in both these areas right from their formative years.

Congratulations to the CBSE board for this marvellous move and wish every school in the country implement it fairly ! CHEERS!!!

Target Group for HPE?

All students of class IX-XII studying in CBSE affiliated schools w.e.f session 2018-19 onward

Time required?

One period everyday for each class (IX-XII)

Maximum Marks

100 Marks

Theory/ Practical portion?

All practical. No theory

Will the marks of HPE be added in final/ board exams?

No. However, participation in HPE and assessment will be mandatory to be eligible to appear in Board Exams of class X & XII. (All evidences and Portfolios regarding SEWA need to be in the school as they can be monitored by CBSE at any time)

Which co-scholastic areas are subsumed in HPE?

The following co-scholastic areas are subsumed in HPE for class IX-XII:

Class IX-X

  • iWork Education (500)
  • Health and Physical Education (506)

Class XI-XII

  • Work Experience (500)
  • Physical and Health Education (502)
    Hence, there will be no separate grading for the above mentioned co-scholastic areas from session 2018-19 onward. The periods allocated for the above co-scholastic areas may be used for HPE. Further details will be given subsequently.

Is HPE different from Physical Education (048)?

Yes. The HPE is different from academic elective subject ‘Physical Education’(048) offered for class XI and XII

Will the academic elective subject ‘Physical Education’ (code 048) for class XI & XII continue?

The academic elective subject Physical Education (code 048) will continue as choice/ optional subject for students of class XI & XII

Is only PE/ Sports Teacher eligible for implementing/ evaluating and record keeping of HPE?

Every teacher including class teacher, teaching in CBSE affiliated school is eligible for implementing/ evaluating and record keeping of HPE & 110 002

“Shiksha Sadan”, 17, Rouse Avenue, New Delhi – 110 002
Qksu / Telephone : +91-11-23211575 osclkbV/Website :

What is the format for record keeping of ‘Health and Activity Record’?

The format of ‘Health and Activity Card’ (Strand4) will be uploaded on CBSE website shortly.

Will any external examiner/ observer be appointed for HPE?

No. The whole process of HPE will be school-based, implemented & evaluated by the school teachers. However, marks/ grades of HPE will be submitted online on CBSE website

Will the CBSE Annual Sports and Games Competitions continue to be organised?

Organizing CBSE Sports and Games Competitions will be continued as per existing practice.