Our Campus

The school is built in five acres of the land. Most of the area covers rubber plantation. The school area covers with playground and the main building. The safety of the students is guaranteed in the campus.


Nature of Education

The school provides each student with the best education possible based on the fundamental human values. Each student is helped to develop a wholesome personality for which due emphasis is given in the curriculum for intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual growth. A sense of social awareness and responsibility is created in the growing child. Making him/her self-reliant and cooperative is another indispensable nature of education provided in the campus. In short, the method of education implemented aims at forming better human persons, to be worthy citizens committed to the sublime values of the nation, nature, and to oneself and others.

Curriculum and Assessment

The school follows the CBSE curriculum with the subjects: English, Malayalam, Hindi, Mathematics, Information Technology, and Social Sciences. Apart from the core-curriculum, special focus is given in the areas of general knowledge, co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities. The students are assessed as the directions given by the Board with the modalities updated time to time. Special orientation and awareness is given to the students that they may become comfortable with the assessment methods. Students are provided with Life Skill practices, adequate knowledge on different careers and subject enrichment activities. The pedagogical plan 2019 – ’20 gives enough space for many of the guidance given by the CBSE Board time to time.


Through preschool the students are formed to have a thirst for education.  Created in them awe and wonder about the world around them. The very basics and nuances of education is imparted in the very attitude of the students.