The school provides each student with the best education possible based on the fundamental human values. Each student is helped to develop a wholesome personality for which due emphasis is given in the curriculum for intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual growth. A sense of social awareness and responsibility is created in the growing child, making him/her self-reliant. The method of education implemented in this school aims at forming fine human persons, to be worthy citizens committed to the sublime values of the nation.


The motto of the School is “Education for Development.” It is an all round development as Mahatma Gandhi Viewed.


The school prepares the students for the 10 years CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) examination. The medium of instruction is English.


English, Malayalam, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Sciences, Information Technology, Moral Science, General Knowledge (GK).


Literary association, Science club, Audiovisual based learning, voice culture and voice modulations, Quiz club, Art, Study tours etc.


Foot ball, badminton, athletics, music, dance, chess, yoga Karate etc.